Northern South Park Development Will Add Near 1,800 New Homes

Northern South Park Development Will Add Near 1,800 New Homes

Two decades ago, Dawn Webster faced a financial struggle, dedicating 80% of her income to rent, but her situation began to improve after Habitat for Humanity helped her purchase a home, enabling her to gradually clear her debts. This experience inspired her to support new housing initiatives in Teton County, where plans are being considered to potentially add up to 1,800 new homes in northern South Park, with significant contributions from the Gill family to support affordable housing through land donations. During a county commissioners' meeting, Webster, along with others, expressed support for the development, emphasizing the need for housing over concerns about infrastructure and school spaces. The proposed development, sparked by previous rejections and ongoing debates about land use, aims to integrate up to 1,200 realistically attainable homes, with a focus on community-serving deed-restricted housing.

The meeting revealed a split in public opinion, with some emphasizing the need for precise regulations to ensure affordable housing, while others expressed concerns about potential negative impacts. Bill Collins criticized the proposed regulations for lacking precision and not requiring early commitment to affordable housing from developers, suggesting this could disadvantage future planning and control. Despite these critiques, the Lockhart family, along with the Gills, voiced support for the regulations, emphasizing a phased development approach that respects their ranching heritage.

The proposed zoning changes could significantly increase housing capacity in the area, with a focus on making a substantial portion of the homes affordable or reserved for local workers, addressing the community's housing needs. The Gills and Lockharts are navigating concerns about linking market-rate and deed-restricted housing development, with county commissioners exploring measures to ensure affordable housing is prioritized. Amendments to the proposal seek a balance, allowing development to proceed contingent on affordable housing commitments, a strategy supported by both the Gills and Lockharts as a means to address community housing shortages while maintaining legal and practical feasibility.

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