Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Wants to Develop Stilson Ranch

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Wants to Develop Stilson Ranch

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Wants to Develop Stilson Ranch with paved parking, employee housing, retail shops, and other “amenities.”

An urgent conversation in western Wyoming centers around preserving wildlife corridors, particularly the crucial Stilson Ranch area in Wilson. Teton County residents objected to the Kelly parcel auction, emphasizing the need for Teton County Commissioners to protect wildlife corridors. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, owning most of Stilson, placed it under a conservation easement in 1997, pledging not to develop in exchange for subdividing adjacent Stilson Ranches. However, proposed resort and county developments, threaten Stilson's wildlife corridors. Despite a $8 million investment in wildlife crossings, concerns arise about the approved Transit Center adding noise and traffic, potentially driving wildlife away. Recent emails implying Wyoming Game and Fish endorsement highlighted the necessity of balancing community needs with wildlife preservation. The plea emphasizes the importance of locating community amenities in areas with minimal impact on wildlife and traffic, especially in critical corridors like Stilson.

Read the full article from Jackson Hole News & Guide here: https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/opinion/guest_shot/proposed-stilson-developments-would-sabotage-crucial-wildlife-corridor/article_be85c48c-8e0f-11ee-9132-d73bc7c60d28.html


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