Billionaire Buys Pinedale's White Pine Ski Resort

Billionaire Buys Pinedale's White Pine Ski Resort

The White Pine Ski and Summer Resort, a 363-acre facility located in the Bridger Teton National Forest near Pinedale, is undergoing a significant change in ownership. Joe Ricketts, a billionaire and businessman from Bondurant, is set to purchase the resort, with the transaction expected to finalize at the end of the 2024 ski season in April. Ricketts aims to make improvements that will enhance the resort's appeal to the Sublette community for years to come. White Pine, established in 1940, offers a range of winter and summer activities but has faced challenges, including a devastating fire in 2019 that destroyed the main ski lodge. The resort was put up for sale in 2020 and has been seeking a buyer committed to its revitalization. Ricketts plans to focus on upgrading the snowmaking capacity and infrastructure to ensure the resort's long-term success and has formed a new advisory board to guide the business strategy. The current owners, Alan Blackburn and his wife Robyn, believe Ricketts' investment and vision will rejuvenate White Pine, a cherished recreational spot in Wyoming known for its beginner-friendly skiing.

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